Navi Medical Technologies Secure City of Melbourne Small Business Grant

30 July 2020

The City of Melbourne has helped hundreds of innovators and entrepreneurs start up or expand their businesses since 1996. They have also encouraged dozens of businesses to enter overseas markets and supported member-based organisations to deliver new initiatives for their members.

Their most recent 2020 grant recipients are named below, featuring a diversity of ideas and innovations. A special congratulations to BioMelbourne Network Member Organisation Navi Medical Technologies! 

Round one recipients 2020

Age Up Health Pty Ltd

Age Up Health Pty Ltd is a fully integrated online platform providing aged care services to empower people to live their best life at home. They secured a start-up grant.


Aubot is developing a mobile telepresence robotic arm to help empower people with disabilities and reduce their reliance on care givers. Aubot secured a development grant.

Cynch Sec Pty Ltd

Cynch Sec Pty Ltd is a cyber-security platform for small businesses to help prevent and reduce risks against cyber-attacks. They secured a start-up grant.

Envision Systems Pty Ltd

Envision Systems Pty Ltd is solving the issue of transport congestion and enabling cities to become smarter, by providing real-time data from wireless Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled sensors. They secured a start-up grant.

ItInc Pty Ltd

ItInc Pty Ltd is a glass designer and manufacturer, utilising a closed loop recycling process to convert post-commercial glass into high quality reusable products. ItInc Pty Ltd secured an expansion grant.

Machine Dreams

Machine Dreams is utilising photographic machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve asset inspection management processes. Machine dreams secured a start-up grant.

Memento Media

Memento Media is developing an online platform to help families capture stories and turn them into engaging and shareable mementos. They received a development grant.

Navi Medical Technologies

The Navi team is developing a medical device for doctors to safely administer medicine to critically-ill newborns, toddlers and children. They secured a development grant.


Ovira is a small wearable Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device to provide instant, drug-free relief for pain caused by endometriosis and menstruation. Ovira secured a start-up grant.


Qoctor is a new telehealth kiosk which will enable pharmacies to provide a full end-to-end health service in store for their customers. Qoctor secured an expansion grant.

Spirit Level

Spirit Level is an artist-run music label developing an immersive VR album experience on entertainment platforms. Spirit Level received a development grant.


Tactiagear is a local innovative multitools business expanding its offerings to include a high powered, compact and lightweight flashlight for adventure and outdoor activities. They secured an expansion grant.

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