2023 Sector Promotion

Posted: 20 November 2023

Sector promotion: Be a gateway for global markets, helping to build awareness of the Victorian healthtech industry domestically and overseas






Sector business development and support

Global Victoria- Singapore Trade Mission

BioMelbourne Network partnered with Global Victoria and Invest Victoria to deliver a trade mission with the Singapore medtech ecosystem, focusing on the incredible strength of the Victorian services sector. Between September and November 2022, 33 Victorian organisations participated. We worked closely with key Singaporean sector organisations and the Singapore Government to allow all networks to learn about and connect directly with each other.

Prior to the SWITCH conference, we held two virtual BioForums. At our first event, key partners provided overviews of each country’s ecosystem. At the second BioForum, organisations who regularly work between Singapore and Australia, discussed their experiences and the value of working with the Victorian services sector.

BioMelbourne Network then led a contingent of a dozen companies to the SWITCH conference on 25-28 October, in Singapore. After the conference, we presented a final BioForum to hear directly from key Victorian sector service partners about the unique capabilities they have to offer.

As part of our activities, BioMelbourne Network developed a trade mission website with information about trade mission participants and sector partners in Singapore and Victoria to allow everyone to learn about and connect and engage with each other. This information is available for anyone to view.

We have also provided free access to our recorded trade mission BioForums on BioResource Hub, through the following links:

2022-09-29 | 2022GVTASingTradeMission | 1/3 | Victoria and Singapore: Ecosystem Overview

2022-10-19 | 2022GVTASingTradeMission | 2/3 | Trade Mission Access and Benefit: Start-ups, Accelerators and Service Providers

2022-11-30 | 2022GVTASingTradeMission | 3/3 | An Introduction to Commercialisation Capabilities in Australia

Partner service agreements

Through the delivery of our three-year strategy, BioMelbourne Network continues to broaden its value proposition to the healthtech industry in Victoria. This has enabled us to better support individuals and organisations throughout the sector, whether they are an early-career researcher, start-up, SME or part of the largest multinational corporation.

A key element of that greater value proposition is the delivery of our digital transformation strategy to “reimagine engagement”, changing how our sector connects, learns, strengthens and grows.

In November 2022, we introduced Wilam, our Life Sciences Industry Community, and in August 2023 launched BioResource Hub, our online library of events recordings going back to March 2020. Through these new digital tools and additional capabilities that have been developed, BioMelbourne Network is now offering business services to partner organisations to support them in achieving their business objectives. In turn, our partner organisations help us by adding value to the greater ecosystem through the use of Wilam and the BioResource Hub.

The supporting partners of these initiatives allow us to bring them to life and maintain them for industry, Australia-wide. The foresight and broad vision of the Victorian Government brought us seed funding, and our supporting partners keep the wheels turning for you. This reflects the alignment of our organisations to make the Australian ecosystem stronger, more engaged, more interconnected, and therefore more globally competitive in bringing Australian research to market and achieving better patient outcomes.

BioMelbourne Network offers these services exclusively to our member organisations. An outline of potential partner benefits is presented here.

Partners supporting Wilam are CAI, CSIRO, IQVIA and Moderna.

Partners supporting BioResource Hub are Avatar and CSIRO.



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