About Us

BioMelbourne Network is the peak body in the Victorian healthtech industry, driving engagement and growth in research, innovation, commercialisation and manufacturing through local and international networks. Since 2001, we have been actively fostering and growing an innovative, globally competitive sector and transforming our Network as well as the broader Victorian ecosystem.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to foster and grow an innovative, globally competitive healthtech industry in Victoria.

Our vision

Our vision is to drive Victoria’s healthtech industry to be a leading global hub for research, innovation, commercialisation and manufacturing. The healthtech industry is a key sustainable driver of the economy, employment and value-added growth in Victoria.

Our role

BioMelbourne Network employs these strategies to achieve our purpose:

  1. Data and insights: We provide valuable data and insights on the sector’s potential, priorities and needs.
  2. Identifying opportunities: We identify strategic initiatives that support and strengthen the local ecosystem.
  3. Advocacy: We build and maintain a supportive policy, regulatory and investment environment through advocacy.
  4. Healthtech industry development: We strengthen the sector and support our members through informative webinars and events.
  5. Sector promotion: We strive to be the central gateway for the promotion of the Victorian healthtech industry locally and globally.

Our members

Our members are diverse and experts in their respective fields, from early-career researchers to company executives and experienced directors, and start-ups through to large multinational corporations.

We represent universities, researchers, manufacturers, government departments, and the services sector, which includes commercialisation, product design and development, intellectual property, investment and legal sectors

How to get involved

Your support ensures the continued strength and growth of the Victorian healthtech industry ecosystem in Victoria.

You can engage with BioMelbourne Network and:

  • identify strategic issues and priorities in the sector
  • join advisory panels and working groups
  • sponsor and speak at our events
  • advocate for the healthtech industry
  • join Wilam, the life sciences industry community.

Help us help you.

Let us know what your priorities are and how we can support you. We are your link to our ecosystem and your input will help shape our priorities.

Become a member today to play an active role in the future of the healthtech industry in Victoria.

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