Women in Leadership Awards

Shining a light on women in the health industry

The BioMelbourne Network Women in Leadership Awards were launched in 2015 to recognise and champion women, at different stages of their careers, who have made outstanding contributions to advancing the biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical sector, and inspire more women to pursue leadership roles.

The awards recognise women who work in or support the health industry – including biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and digital healthcare – as executives, management, R&D practitioners, suppliers, service providers and other roles engaged with the sector.

For more information about past recipients, see our Women in Leadership Awards Honour Roll.

More details about past years’ awards can be found on the following pages: 2016 awards | 2017 awards | 2018 awards | 2019 awards

Purpose of the awards

The Women in Leadership Awards are designed to celebrate, honour and profile successful women in the health industry sector: to celebrate women who exhibit leadership in their fields of expertise and have made outstanding contributions to advancing the industry; to honour women who serve as role models and mentors to others and have made outstanding contributions to supporting the industry; and to profile the women who take strategic risks, tenaciously pursue goals and have made outstanding contributions to innovation in the industry.

Award categories

Awards are made in three categories, recognising women in different types of leadership roles and at different stages of their careers.

Women in Leadership Award: Impact for industry

This award recognises inspirational industry impact and celebrates a leader who:

  • has held a senior position of leadership (C-level executive, GM, Board Director, Chair)
  • has significant experience within the health industry sector, 10-15 years
  • has shown leadership and vision resulting in inspirational industry impact
  • demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities, such as integrity and initiative, mentoring and giving back, dedication and determination, resilience and risk-taking, and passion for innovation that has impact.

Most Valuable Women in Leadership Award: Making it happen 

This award celebrates an inspiring leader who:

  • has played a pivotal leadership role in delivering a project, partnership, or collaborative initiative within the last 5 years
  • through this project or initiative has delivered meaningful outcomes and positive change in the health industry
  • has demonstrated valuable leadership skills such as collaboration, communication, team building, transformation, innovation, change management, dedication and passion for innovation that has impact.

The Emerging Women in Leadership Award: A mover and shaker

This award celebrates a leader who:

  • has taken on a career challenge, career move or career change within the last 2-3 years that has high potential for industry impact
  • exhibits leadership qualities such as strategic risk-taking, embracing innovation, entrepreneurship and an appetite for driving change
  • is a rising star, who, regardless of age, is seen as a mover and shaker with high potential for future success in the industry.

Nominations and eligibility

Nominees must work in or support the health industry and must be from an organisation that is currently a financial member of BioMelbourne Network.

Read our FAQs for more information.

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