Network Engagement Benefits

Your membership with BioMelbourne Network covers everyone within your organisation. For example, a membership extends to all students within a university, or all individuals within a global company at any level.

In addition to supporting the sector, BioMelbourne Members get access to:


  • Invitations to roundtable events and industry functions
  • Key stakeholder and industry contacts
  • Facilitated introductions as requested (virtually or in-person)


  • Promotional opportunities, including a new Member introduction, news, job opportunities, events and more on our webpage, social media channels including Twitter (approx. 7000 followers) and LinkedIn (approx. 11000 followers) and fortnightly newsletter
  • Inclusion in our online member directory
  • Opportunities to share advice, knowledge and strategic insights with the network through contributions to our events, social media, website and newsletter


  • Discounted registration fees for all BioMelbourne Network events
  • Event hosting and sponsorship opportunities tailored to your interests and resources. Learn more about the events we offer here
  • Opportunities to present at and contribute to our events, including suggesting topics and speakers
  • Opportunities to engage in collaborative working groups and focus groups

BioMelbourne Network strategy updates

BioMelbourne Network performs 5 key strategic functions developed in partnership with our members:

  1. Data and insights: BioMelbourne Network is the leading source of valuable data and insights on the sector’s potential, priorities, and needs.
  2. Identifying opportunities: BioMelbourne Network works with stakeholders to identify strategic initiatives that support and strengthen the local ecosystem.
  3. Advocacy: As the industry peak body, BioMelbourne Network builds and maintains a supportive policy, regulatory and investment environment through advocacy.
  4. Sector promotion: BioMelbourne Network strives to be the central gateway for the promotion of the Victorian Healthtech Industry, domestically and overseas.
  5. Healthtech Industry development: BioMelbourne Network seeks new opportunities to strengthen the industry and increase our value to members, keeping them informed on sector trends and issues with valuable webinars and events.

We provide regular updates to members on our progress in each of these areas.

Join and engage with BioMelbourne Network

There are different membership tiers to suit the size and nature of your organisation. You can find out more about these here.

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