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NAVi Medical Technologies Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Shing Yue Sheung

Position: Chief Operating Officer

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

Over 400,000 Umbilical Venous Catheters (UVCs) are placed each year in critically-ill newborns to enable delivery of vital drugs and nutrients. However, current techniques of real-time catheter tip determination are inadequate. Placing neonatal catheters have a 40% misplacement rate due to lack of real-time feedback, and up to 50% of correctly-placed catheters migrate to a sub-optimal position within 7 days. Misplaced catheters lead to delays in drug delivery, reduced hospital efficiency, severe complications and can even be fatal.

NAVi Medical Technologies, based in Melbourne, Australia, is developing a medical device accessory, called the neoNAV, which provides accurate localization of the Umbilical Venous Catheter tip in critically-ill newborns. The neoNAV will allow physicians to correctly place the catheter in the first attempt to obtain better patient outcomes and improved clinical efficiency. The neoNAV technology will also enable accurate monitoring of UVC migration in the hours and days after placement, either through spot checks or ongoing patient monitoring. The neoNAV leverages machine learning to accurately locate the tip of a UVC in real-time during the insertion procedure, and its innovation is in its ability to continuously detect and analyze intravessel electrocardiography (ECG) data.

Company Overview
NAVi Medical Technologies is an early-stage company formed in 2016 with a vision for long-term growth and impact. Our team is driven by a purpose to improve patient outcomes, and assisting those that care for vulnerable patient populations.

We are on a journey to bring our first product to market, and striving to create value for patients, clinical staff, and hospitals around the world.
As an early stage startup, our company’s most important resource are its people. We are company that is committed to providing opportunities for personal and professional growth for those that move the company forward, and to provide important contributions to Australian innovation and medical device industries wherever possible.

Since formation, we have been the recipient of multiple awards and prizes in both the US and in Australia, including completing a 4-month accelerator program at the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute in November 2017.


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