Global Expansion Continues: Sienna enters Greek market with hTERT IVD

19 June 2020

  • Aenorasis S.A. appointed exclusive distributor in Greece and Cyprus
  • Aenorasis has net annual turnover of €34.9 million and was awarded the Boussias Communications Golden Distinction Healthcare Business Award in Greece (2019)
  • Bladder cancer is globally the sixth most commonly occurring cancer in men and the 17th in women
  • Greece recorded 2,100 new cases in 2018 and has the second highest rate of bladder cancer in the world after Lebanon
  • It is estimated that 10,000 urine cytology tests are performed annually in Greece and Cyprus.

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Aenorasis S.A (“Aenorasis”) as its exclusive distributor in Greece and Cyprus. The distribution agreement provides Aenorasis with the right to sell Sienna’s hTERT IVD to pathology laboratories where it will be used to assist in the diagnosis of bladder cancer.

Aenorasis is a Greek pharmaceutical company that was established in 1965 and is a member of the ELPEN group of companies. The company offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions and is a leading distributor of medical devices, high-technology and high-precision products for all hospital units in Greece. Aenorasis is also an exclusive distributor for Hologic’s ThinPrep® liquid-based cytology products. These products are the upstream component of Sienna’s hTERT test, making the partnership between Sienna and Aenorasis a perfect fit for both companies.

Maria Halatsi, Marketing and Sales Director at Aenorasis, said: “There is a perfect synergy between the Hologic products and the hTERT ICC test. Aenorasis has years of experience implementing diagnostic tests in Greece and the expertise to promote a new diagnostic solution.”

Aenorasis CEO Sotiris Konstantakis said: “hTERT is a promising diagnostic test that will complement our existing product range. The hTERT ICC test will provide cyto-pathologists and clinicians with important adjunct information to assist in detecting bladder cancer at an early stage, resulting in better patient management.”

Sienna will soon begin sales and technical training with Aenorasis staff, in addition to setting up two reference laboratories in Greece. Aenorasis is Sienna’s fifth distributor appointment in 2020 as the Company continues its overseas expansion.

Sienna’s Business Development Manager, Minesh Lalla, said: “At the International Cytology Congress in Sydney in May 2019, Sienna presented case studies evaluating the clinical utility of hTERT in detecting low- grade disease to the Aenorasis team, who saw its potential for the Greek market. Since hTERT is already CE Marked, Sienna and Aenorasis can begin promoting the test immediately.”

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