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Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd


Member Contact: Carl Stubbings

Position: CEO & Managing Director

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics, a public unlisted company, specialises in inventing and developing novel in-vitro diagnostic tools for cancer detection and surveillance. Of particular emphasis at Sienna is a desire to understand the clinical pathway of specific product opportunities and to avoid research on biomarker discovery. In 2007, on the basis of the strength of its first diagnostic test, Sienna negotiated exclusive global rights to the telomerase biomarker, a proven biomarker present in nearly 95% of all epithelial cancers.

The opportunities presented by developing high-performing diagnostic tests based on one of the only known ubiquitous cancer biomarkers were unique to Australia and resulted in several successful rounds of fundraising, significant growth in its technical and commercial teams and attraction of a large team of urologists supporting its first product opportunities in bladder and prostate cancer diagnosis.


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