Easing the pain of global expansion

Two years after going global, Australian healthcare company Medical Developments International (MDI) which manufactures the acute pain killer Penthrox (commonly known as ‘the green whistle’) has opened a new facility in Melbourne Assisted by CSIRO, MDI has seen…

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Lab-grown mini-organs help model disease, test new drugs

To the naked eye, the little globs of cells are undifferentiated masses, smaller than sesame seeds. Put them under a microscope, though, and these lab-grown miniature organs show striking complexity: the tiny tubules of a kidney, the delicate…

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Australia’s new National Science Statement! The Australian Government long-term vision for science research and policy making

The Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda identified science as one of the critical elements for Australia to deliver new sources of growth, maintain high‑wage jobs and seize the next wave of economic prosperity. Science—including the natural,…

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Bone, cartilage and tissue; we’ve cracked the trifecta (and it’s made of titanium and plastic)

We’ve been quietly working away in Melbourne on something big. The big trifecta of a bone, cartilage and tissue implant. The first of its kind. More specifically, a 3D printed titanium and polymer sternum to suit individual patients.  …

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The US drug pricing debate: Managing risks to results

EY report on drug pricing The unsustainable trajectory of the health care spending in the US is generating much dialog and consternation across a variety of stakeholders including governments, industry, media academic think-tanks and the general public. Prescription…

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New Director of Bio 21 announced

Professor Michael Parker has been appointed as the new Director of the University of Melbourne’s Bio 21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute. One of Australia’s leading protein structural biologists, Prof Parker will take up the role as part…

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Catalyst for efficient drug and chemical production

A team of CSIRO scientists have made a breakthrough that could result in faster and cheaper production for the pharmaceutical, food and bulk chemistry industries. The team have developed a more efficient and simpler process that – when…

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Atomic map gives malaria drug new lease on life

Researchers have for the first time mapped how one of the longest-serving malaria drugs works, opening the possibility of altering its structure to make it more effective and combat increasing malaria drug resistance. The study produced a precise…

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Medical Countermeasures EOI – Documentation release

The Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) is a not for profit collaborative venture that brings together defence industry, universities and government research agencies to develop technologies that will enhance Australia’s defence and national security capability. The Medical Countermeasures…

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Fellowship Brings Leading Cancer Researcher To Victoria

One of the world’s best cancer researchers working to accelerate future treatments through DNA repair has received support from the Andrews Labor Government and veski to undertake research here in Victoria. Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade…

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Fast-Tracked Medicinal Cannabis For Kids With Severe Epilepsy

Twenty-nine critically ill children have become the first in Victoria to legally access medicinal cannabis, with the Andrews Labor Government this week importing product from Canada ahead of local product becoming available in the middle of the year.…

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Victoria’s Economy – Leading The Nation

Despite continuing to be short-changed by the Turnbull Government, Victoria’s economy outpaced the rest of the nation in the December quarter, according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The State’s strong AAA-rated economy…

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