Australia’s new National Science Statement! The Australian Government long-term vision for science research and policy making

The Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda identified science as one of the critical elements for Australia to deliver new sources of growth, maintain high‑wage jobs and seize the next wave of economic prosperity. Science—including the natural, physical and life sciences, medical and health sciences, mathematics, engineering and technology–related disciplines—already plays an important role in today’s workforce, and will become increasingly important to job creation opportunities in the future.

Science forms part of the broader research ecosystem that incorporates the humanities, arts and social sciences. Together, this research drives advancements in knowledge and improvements in living standards as discoveries are understood, developed and applied. It makes businesses more innovative and productive, driving economic and jobs growth. It also underpins the social wellbeing of Australians by improving health outcomes, maintaining the quality of the environment, and contributing to solving significant social issues.

Governments and industry will increasingly look to scientific knowledge and skills to meet national and local needs in areas as varied as health care, defence, energy, transport, environmental management, food security and communications. These skills will be needed in Australia and around the world to understand and apply science and the technologies it creates.

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