Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow 2017 – Trajan Scientific and Medical Top 20

Right from our very beginning in 1817, Westpac has been guided by the same purpose: TO SUPPORT THE ECONOMIC PROGRESS OF AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES. As we reach our 200th anniversary, that guiding purpose remains. To help the next generation of Australian businesses thrive and succeed in a changing world. Because we know that as Australia moves to a service and knowledgebased economy, it is businesses that will drive this change – large and small; new and established; across all industries and sectors, from technology to hospitality, from education to retail. The businesses that will drive this new economy have the clarity of vision, the strength of character and the excellence of capability to shape Australia’s future. They will have the potential to help tomorrow’s customers, economy and society. They are Australia’s businesses of tomorrow.

BioMelbourne Network congratulates Trajan Scientific and Medical being named as one of Australia’s 20 leading “Businesses of Tomorrow” from a review of 2000 companies across the country. The study was commissioned by Westpac and conducted independently by Deloitte looking for businesses that are shaping Australia’s future, see https://businessesoftomorrow.com.au/discover/

The Judgement criteria included:

  • A track record of delivery
  • Capability to meet tomorrow’s challenges
  • Clarity of purpose and vision
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Outstanding value to customers
  • Contribution beyond the business – to communities, industry or the economy.

For Trajan it is rewarding to see the attributes that we hold dear being recognized publicly. At Trajan we are driven to:

  • Influence and shape Australia’s economy of the future,
  • Pursue our purpose of delivering a positive impact on human well-being,
  • Contribute in diverse ways beyond our business to society in general and,
  • Rapidly build capability to accelerate our future impact globally.

Stephen Tomisich


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