WEHI and CSL to advance biologic therapies

Posted: 20 October 2021

Two of Melbourne’s most prominent medical research and drug development organisations, WEHI and CSL, have joined forces to create a Centre for Biologic Therapies.

The new Centre combines WEHI’s expertise in immunology, cancer, inflammatory disorders and infectious diseases with CSL’s world-class human antibody library and experience in biologic drug discovery and development, as one of the world’s leading biotech companies.

Based at WEHI, the Centre will provide access to expert biologic discovery and optimisation capabilities accelerating drug development into the clinic, ultimately addressing a current gap in Australian medical research.

Biologics are made in living systems and encompass a wide range of therapies including monoclonal antibodiesvaccines, growth factors and cell therapies.

The Centre aims to generate high-quality and clinic-ready therapeutic antibodies against novel targets in human disease.

The partners will contribute equal funding to the Centre, with a combined investment of $10 million for the next five years.

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