Universal Biosensors Update

Posted: 1 December 2021

Below is an update from BioMelbourne Network Member Universal Biosensors.


Universal Biosensors’ (UBI) development of our new Glucose, Fructose and Malic Acid biosensors for the wine industry is approaching completion with product release on track for the end of 2021.

Proof of concept work continues for our Acetic Acid biosensor whilst our Total Acid biosensor has moved into the product development stage.

Lubricin/Tn Antigen

The product development for UBI’s Tn Antigen biosensor continues at a great pace. Tn Antigen is an oncology biomarker and UBI’s handheld product will allow for the monitoring of oncology remission patients at the point of care and help screen for reoccurrence.

UBI has entered clinical trials with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, The Victorian Cancer Biobank and CIC bioGUNE to test the Tn Antigen biosensor on bio banked samples of cancer patients’ blood. The trials are currently ongoing with results looking promising. Outcomes from the trials are expected in Q1 2022.


UBI is continuing to make progress with Aptamer technology through the incorporation of a three-electrode setup on UBI’s electrochemical platform. There is potential for Aptamers to be used for the monitoring of key fertility hormones, virus particles and environmental impurities.

UBI over the coming months

UBI is also performing due diligence on four other technologies which will increase UBI’s platform detection limits to picomolar and/or bring new biosensors onto our platform.

We have expanded our network to include over 100 top Universities, Research Centres and Biotechnology Companies across the world who specialise in biosensors.


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