Tessara Therapeutics reinforces Advisory Board with the appointment of global industry leaders in 3D tissue models for drug discovery and cell therapies

Posted: 3 May 2022

Tessara Therapeutics, an Australian biotechnology company developing synthetic human brain micro-tissues as drug screening and neuro-regenerative medicine platforms, continues to ready itself for commercial entry with a series of high-profile Advisory Board appointments.

Tessara is developing its RealBrain® micro-tissue technology as a more physiologically relevant and reproducible model of healthy and diseased brain tissues, so the biopharmaceutical industry can utilise these models to discover and develop better drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases.

The appointments further reinforce the Company’s expertise and market knowledge ahead of Tessara’s drug screening platform market launch, and preclinical development of its therapeutic candidates.

Dr Jan Lichtenberg joined Tessara in April 2022, bringing a wealth of experience and global sector insights to his role as an industry advisor for Tessara’s drug screening platform.

Currently CEO of InSphero and Syndya Therapeutics, Dr Jan Lichtenberg is considered a global pioneer in developing and commercialising 3D cell-based technologies and an architect of the 3D Cell Culture industry, which is now a US $2 billion market.

Dr Lichtenberg will be instrumental in guiding Tessara’s go-to-market strategy in partnership with multi-national Contract Research Organisations and pharmaceutical companies involved in the discovery and preclinical validation of new drug candidates for neurological diseases.

Tessara has also added further industry expertise to its Advisory Board with the appointment of Dr Damien Bates as a Regenerative Medicine Industry Advisor.

Having joined the Company in April 2022, Dr Bates has a proven track record in successfully executing preclinical development programs to IND/IDE, clinical trials to product approval and post-marketing medical support for approved and cleared products, and FDA, EMA, PMDA and SwissMedic negotiation and approvals.

Dr Bates will work alongside Tessara’s team to guide its regenerative medicine pipeline through preclinical and IND-enabling development.

Commenting on the appointments, Tessara’s CEO Dr Christos Papadimitriou said: “Dr Lichtenberg and Dr Bates bring a wealth of complementary expertise and knowledge to Tessara and our leadership, we are delighted to welcome them to the team.

“It is an exciting period for the Company as we ramp up our commercialisation efforts, bringing us ever closer to achieving our vision of realising a world in which we can protect, restore, and rebuild the brain.”



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About Tessara Therapeutics

Tessara Therapeutics is developing RealBrain® technology to break therapeutic barriers in the biopharmaceutical industry. RealBrain® technology is based on human mimetic 3D neural micro- tissues designed to have high physiological relevance, manufactured at industrial scale for unprecedented reproducibility. Priority application is a high-throughput drug screening platform that includes a range of models of healthy and diseased brain tissue. As a pipeline asset Tessara develops a regenerative medicine platform to create next generation safe and efficacious tissue therapies for significant unmet neurological medical needs, with an initial focus on TTX-001 for Parkinson’s disease. www.tessaratherapeutics.com



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