Health industry priority: Establish the Office of Health Industry Victoria


The health industry is an economic priority for Victoria with world-class capabilities and international competitive advantages. Currently, government services and policies related to health industry economic development are fragmented; they are spread across multiple departments and siloed, creating inefficiency and reduced policy effectiveness. In many instances, economic development funding programs are not industry-specific and have not directly serviced the needs of the health industry.

Policy recommendations

  1. Establish the Office of Health Industry as a government agency that prioritises the economic development of the health industry in Victoria.
  2. Collect, analyse and disseminate health industry metrics to track economic outcomes.
  3. Introduce a dedicated voucher funding program for product development and innovation in the health industry and provide facilitation and support for commercialisation activities.
  4. Administer a health industry skills development fund to support initiatives to promote skills acquisition, including a Leaders for Health Industry program.
  5. Create a health industry taskforce, comprised of industry representatives, to work with the Office and the relevant ministers on strategy, programs and policies that ensure Victoria retains competitive advantage in the global economy.


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