Health industry priority: Increase clinical trial activity


Victoria has a strong and growing clinical trials sector that provides patients with access to new treatments, provides innovative products with development pathways to market and creates economic opportunities for the state with over 2000 jobs currently supported in the sector. To remain globally competitive, Victoria must address challenges in patient recruitment, clinician engagement, workforce capability and international profile. By addressing these issues, we believe clinical trials activity can be increased by 50% over five years and deliver health and economic benefits to Victoria.

Policy recommendations

Increase clinical trial activity in Victoria by 50% over five years by:

  1. Increasing recruitment rates by delivering a patient recruitment and stakeholder campaign.
  2. Developing our capability by investing in the clinical trials workforce.
  3. Attracting international sponsored trials to Victoria by enacting a clinical trials attraction plan and marketing strategy.
  4. Taking a stronger national leadership role on clinical trial reform at a Federal level through COAG processes.


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