Health industry priority: Create a Health Industry Hub for Victorian SMEs


The Victorian health industry is one of the most innovative sectors of our state’s economy. The sector is comprised primarily of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with many companies directly employing fewer than 20 people, creating fragmentation across the sector. There are currently no commercial co-working or business parks that provide a place and space where Victorian SMEs in the health industry can go to grow.

Creating a Health Industry Hub that supports a critical mass of SMEs co-located in one place will drive a culture of commercialisation and innovation in Victoria. The focus of the hub will be to lift industry competitiveness, enhance skills and knowledge exchange, leverage capability across the sector and create a sense of identity and scale for Victoria’s growing health industry.

Policy recommendations

  1. Create an industry-designed co-working location with private and shared facilities for health industry companies that can host up to 200 professionals.
  2. Support the growth and competitiveness of SMEs through access to infrastructure and economies of scale through shared services.
  3. Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation by establishing a vibrant working environment that offers leadership and skills development opportunities.
  4. Provide a focal point for Victoria’s health industry to engage with researchers, international VIPs, government, investors and stakeholders that builds the profile and identity of the sector.

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