Health industry priority: Boost advanced manufacturing for the health industry


In 2016, Victoria exported pharmaceutical products to the value of $1.56 billion, representing 47% of Australia’s total pharmaceutical products. These products are among the state’s top five manufactured goods exports. To secure this industrial base for Victoria and compete with world-leading high-value manufacturing locations, the health industry needs to adopt innovative advanced manufacturing processes, develop a skilled workforce, ensure industry sustainability and engage with the global supply chain. This will prevent industry decline, boost productivity, generate new export growth and increase the economic value of advanced manufacturing for the health industry in Victoria.

Policy recommendations

To secure, innovate and grow advanced manufacturing activity in Victoria’s health industry and increase the value of the sector by 50% over the next 10 years.

  1. Create a Health Industry Manufacturing Fund to support sector innovation and growth initiatives.
  2. Establish fellowships to support industry-based learning and develop a skilled health industry manufacturing workforce.
  3. Develop a health industry manufacturing sustainability strategy.
  4. Promote Victoria’s health industry manufacturing capacity to the world.


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