Smileyscope: Fundraising to Meet International Demand

23 July 2019

June and July have been very productive months for Smileyscope, as interest in our product continues to grow in both Australia and the USA.  Following our highly successful clinical trial publication in The Journal of Pediatrics, Smileyscope has received significant global interest and approaches. It’s the first VR device shown in rigorous randomized control trials to tremendously reduce a child’s pain, distress and restraints during blood draws and intravenous cannulation compared to current tertiary hospital care.

We are fundraising
We’re raising our second round of funding. At present, we have a waitlist of over 30 hospitals and clinics across four continents, and continue to receive enquiries daily. Your funding will be used to unlock the potential of this demand, and have a direct impact on patient care.

Anyone interested in investing should reach out to our CEO, Dr Evelyn Chan (+61 458 157 405, directly for more information.

Making a difference with our hospital and clinic partners
Smileyscope’s benefits are proving evident in real-world practice as well. We continue to hear feedback from clinicians and patients across Australia and the United States about their positive experiences with Smileyscope.

For example, we visited a number of St John of God Hospitals in Western Australia in June to speak to patients, clinicians and hospital executives. There has been exciting engagement in these hospitals, with Smileyscope used to help patients throughout their hospital stay.

Our anaesthetists are asking for [Smileyscope] on their paediatric lists. Getting kids off to sleep, especially putting in the needle or putting on the mask can be very stressful for everyone involved. Now, our patients are very happy to hold onto their ‘snorkel’ and are safely asleep straight away!” said James Grufferty, an experienced theatre technician.

We also extend a warm welcome to busy GP clinics who are using Smileyscope for childhood vaccinations and ‘flu shots during a bad influenza season. Port Melbourne Medical adminsters thousands of vaccines each year and are offering Smileyscope for children and adults with needle anxiety (PMM’s newsletter). Wellness on Wellington medical group in Rowville have commenced their clinical trial on Smileyscope’s use in vaccinations of 4-year olds.


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