Researcher snapshot

13 December 2019

PhD student Martha Blank from SVI’s Bone Cell Biology & Disease Unit was recently awarded the ATA Scientific Instruments Scientific Encouragement Award.

My childhood ambition was…to become a veterinarian.

My research interest isbone mineralisation, because it is a very dynamic process where cells create the environment around them. This environment then goes on to influence the cells. Even though the hard mineral is what makes bones strong, little is known about how mineralisation in bone is initiated and we still have a lot to understand.

My happiest moment…was finding a new result about the genes I work on that we would have never expected.

I got into research…because of the biotechnology subjects during my Bachelor of Engineering degree. I became fascinated about how much is going on in my body without me even knowing.

The hardest thing I have ever done was… moving 16,000km away from Austria to the other side of the world (it was also the most exciting thing I have ever done!)

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