Privacy in Research: Fundamentals & Future Focus

Posted: 29 November 2023

Event: 7 December 2023

Recent data breaches across all sectors has taught us that privacy is more critical than ever, including in research and clinical trials.

All research and clinical trial staff have an individual responsibility to protect the privacy of research participants.

Federal, state and territory privacy law delegates some decision-making about when the use and disclosure of “personal information” is legally allowed.

  • When can privacy considerations be overridden? 
  • What is personal information, and when is it deemed sensitive 
  • Where does ‘consent’ fit in?  

This workshop will strengthen your confidence and capability in navigating the privacy law and regulations that apply to your work and avoid common privacy risks in your research that you may be missing.

Through facilitator led, guided group discussion you will share the experiences of peers, and learn from each other about unique challenges and strategies for success.   

This is essential knowledge for Researchers, Research Managers and Coordinators, HRECs and Research Governance staff. If you are involved in research design, conduct, ethical review, and governance of all types of research, we highly recommend you enrol in this workshop.

You can claim 3 CPD points on completion of the workshop.

What will you learn?

On completion, you will be able to: 


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