PolyNovo first Canadian BTM use

23 April 2020

PolyNovo is pleased to announce the first use of NovoSorb BTM in Canada. This case was initiated by one of Canada’s leading surgeons who is a key opinion leader in this field.

PolyNovo has not yet applied for regulatory clearance in Canada as the country has some unique requirements compared with the US, Australian and European regulatory processes. PolyNovo is working towards a Canadian regulatory filing in CY2021.

Product for this first case was supplied under an exemption scheme made on an individual case by case application.

Health Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP); allows doctors to gain access to medical devices that have not yet been approved for sale in Canada. Special Access is requested in emergency use cases or when conventional therapies have failed, are unavailable or are unsuitable to treat a patient. All medical devices that have not been approved for use in Canada, require special access authorization prior to being imported and/or sold in Canada.

This first case was a child with extensive burns. PolyNovo is very pleased we could assist in the care of this child and from all reports the child progressing well. The PolyNovo family is proud to be able to improve the outcome for all patients but particularly when a child is involved.

PolyNovo’s CEO, Mr Paul Brennan said “Our US team have worked closely with the Canadian surgeon and the hospital to get NovoSorb BTM into Canada for urgent use last week and over the weekend. Canada is a very important market for us in the near term and seeing demand for our product in advance of market entry is a reflection of the strength of the global key opinion leader network and the high regard for NovoSorb BTM.”


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