Penthrox is recommended for use in all UK ambulances

Medical Developments International Ltd (ASX: MVP) is delighted to advise the Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee (JRCALC) has issued its new pain management clinical practice guidelines for UK ambulance services teams. The JRCALC guidelines now recommend the use of Penthrox® for adults
with injuries causing moderate to severe pain.

MVP CEO Mr. John Sharman said: “We are delighted with this achievement. MVP and Galen have been waiting on the formal adoption of Penthrox by JRCALC since the beginning of 2017 and now that Penthrox has been recommended for use, it is our collective expectation that Penthrox will soon be used by every
ambulance service in the UK. This recommendation is a significant achievement for the future of Penthrox in the UK and it will add significantly to the market potential for Penthrox®.

MVP’s UK and Ireland distributor is Galen whose Managing Director, David Bennett, commented “We welcome the inclusion of Penthrox on the JRCALC guidelines and are delighted that it is now confirmed as an option for effective pain management. This is a timely inclusion, as it follows the addition of Penthrox
to the pre-hospital emergency care council (PHECC) guidelines in Ireland earlier this year. We are hopeful that the updated JRCALC guidelines will provide a confidence boost to the remaining UK ambulance services and pre-hospital teams yet to adopt Penthrox and we look forward to continuing to work with
emergency response teams across the UK to provide optimal patient care.”

John Sharman David Williams
Chief Executive Officer Chairman
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