Optiscan Accelerating Momentum in 2023 with Refreshed Branding, New Team and Exciting AI Development

Posted: 6 February 2023

Optiscan Imaging this week announced an exclusive collaboration with Canadian based Prolucid Technologies to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and telepathology workflows using its confocal laser endomicroscopy (CLE) technology.

The project, anticipated to take 18-24 months, and will eventually develop a software as a medical device (SaMD) using Optiscan’s unique platform technology. The results will support image collection, processing, and tissue analytics to detect the presence of pre-cancerous and cancerous cells, enabling immediate clinical decision-making.

The exclusive partnership with Prolucid puts Melbourne-based Optiscan at the forefront of AI innovation, and combined with the Company’s cutting-edge slide-free, biopsy-free live digital imaging technology, forms part of a broader strategy.

The refreshed branding and new management team appointed in 2022 sees Optiscan transition into a pure-play medical company in 2023, with specific focus on:

1. Growing the ViewnVivo life sciences research device across APAC.

2. Launching InVivage, its first clinical screening device, into the US oral cancer market.

3. Building clinical evidence for application of its technology in new large addressable markets, such as breast cancer.

4. Accelerating innovation, next generation hardware upgrades and optical innovations also in development

Optiscan CEO and Managing Director, Dr. Camile Farah stated, “The development of AI algorithms with Prolucid technologies aligns with our vision to be at the forefront of enabling immediate, informed clinical decisions for clinicians using digital microscopy. We are excited about accelerating our momentum in 2023, and bringing our slide-free, biopsy-free optical technology to the world”.

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