OMX Case Study: Bespoke Medical Devices for Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

20 August 2020

OMX Solutions supplies innovative, print-to-order, bespoke medical devices for the specialized area of cranio- maxillofacial surgery.

Born of the digital age, OMX Solutions has adopted additive manufacturing to disrupt the medical supply chain. With both additive manufacturing technologies and their experienced medical CAD CAM designers, they have the flexibility to provide custom medical devices and medical solutions to help address patients’ needs rapidly.

Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the medical industry by allowing bespoke medical solution provider OMX Solutions to design and manufacture custom medical devices that are both efficient and cost-effective for the patient.

OMX Solutions’ OsseoFrame is a versatile, easy to install, dependable and accurate solution for dental prosthetic rehabilitation. The sub- periosteal jaw implant is particularly well suited to patients who lack sufficient alveolar bone to support conventional dental implants. These implants avoid the need for complex adjunctive procedures such as on-lay bone grafts, expensive barrier membranes, sinus lift surgery or intrusive zygomaticus implants.

Designed and custom-made to simplify the entire dental rehabilitation process, the subperiosteal jaw implant is ideal for edentulous patients who do not have enough jaw bone to support dental implants. It helps to restore the function and esthetics of the patient’s teeth, ultimately providing pain-free function and improving the patient’s quality of life.

Read the full case study here. 


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