Noxopharm’s NOX66 reduces tumor size and pain in patient study for prostate cancer

29 August 2019

Noxopharm says interim three-month results of its 11-patient study of Veyonda or NOX66 with radiotherapy for prostate cancer has reduced tumor size and pain.

Noxopharm said it administered a single, 15-day course of 1,200mg of Veyonda daily, with low-dose radiotherapy, to assess tumor size, prostate specific antigen levels and pain.

The company said six of 11 men (55%) had reduced prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels and five of 11 men (45%) had reduced pain.

Noxopharm said two of eight suitable men for radiographic assessment reduced overall tumor size by at least 30 percent, with six men remaining progression free. Noxopharm fell 6.5 cents or 14.3 percent to 39 cents.

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