New Major Asthma Partnership with US-Based SENTA Partners

Posted: 19 September 2023

Adherium Limited (ASX: ADR), a leading digital health company specialising in remote patient monitoring and data solutions for respiratory patients, confirms a new transformative partnership in which SENTA Partners has agreed on a plan to roll out the Hailie platform to its base of clinics and patients across their network.

SENTA (Southern Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy) is one of the largest, premier specialty allergy and asthma groups in the United States. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, SENTA boasts a network of 48 locations in six states with 88 allergy, asthma and ENT physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

Adherium and SENTA Partners have prepared an implementation plan commencing this month with an initial rollout in Georgia under direction of a lead physician, practice administrator and nurse practitioner. To support SENTA’s rollout Adherium is investing in and building up the US implementation team including clinical applications, technical support and customer service staff. Expansion to additional SENTA clinic locations is planned for later this calendar year. With sufficient US sensor inventory and a responsive contract manufacturer, Adherium is fully prepared to meet the expected growing demand.

“This important partnership marks another US commercialisation milestone as we strive to rapidly build large-scale product roll out. We are committed to our partner’s success and as such are investing with US-based, on-the-ground implementation staff to execute and achieve our commercial objectives under our partner agreements.

Together, Adherium and SENTA Partners aim to make a profound impact on improving patients’ lives and respiratory care,” commented Rick Legleiter, CEO of Adherium.

Under this strategic alliance SENTA Partners will leverage Adherium’s advanced Hailie platform to improve adherence and inhaler technique for its asthma patients with emphasis on the latest generation of Adherium devices that monitor patient inspiratory flow.

Hailie enables doctors to bill for long-term, remote patient management under established US reimbursement codes. Adherium gets paid for sensor sales and by receiving monthly, per patient fees for generating and transmitting respiratory data.

The Hailie platform, comprising leading-edge sensor technology, a user-friendly app, clinician portal and cloud-based data solution, helps patients to actively manage their asthma conditions. It equips healthcare providers with valuable data that supports medication adherence, behavioral interventions, and personalised treatments while enabling remote patient monitoring billing.

Hailie’s cloud-based platform captures and shares data from Bluetooth-enabled sensors attached to prescribed inhalers. These clinically proven sensors provide critical insights into when and how inhalers are used, significantly improving adherence and patient management. This facilitates timely interventions and tailored treatments, leading to improved health outcomes and greatly reduce hospital admissions.

Following four US FDA 510(k) market clearances of the next generation Hailie sensors, Adherium progressed on its regulatory strategy to 79% coverage for sensors capturing physiological data such as inhalation flow rate, and 91% coverage for adherence tracking of US top 20 branded inhaler medications by sales volume. Hailie is the only FDA 510(k) cleared drug agnostic digital sensor available that offers physiological data insights on inhaler technique.

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