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Member Contact: Robert Klupacs

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Industry: Academic Research Organisations

Company Profile:

"The Bionics Institute is an independent, not-for-profit, medical research institute undertaking world-class research focused particularly on neural prostheses.

The Institute was established in 1986 as the Bionic Ear Institute to further develop the efficiency of the bionic ear. Today the Institute employs a multi-disciplinary team of 55 research and support staff and has ongoing training programs for post-graduate students.

The Institute’s intimate knowledge of the bionic hearing device and our advancement of its technology has led to the Institute progressing research into three key areas:

• Bionic Hearing – research centered around the development of improved solutions for adults and children with hearing impairments, including new technologies for use in cochlear implants and hearing aids, and the development of novel drug delivery strategies to the inner ear
• Bionic Vision – a collaboration with our Bionic Vision Australia partners to develop retinal prostheses for patients with severe blindness
• Neurobionics – the development of implantable devices for the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous system disorders such as treatment-resistant epilepsy, and severe movement disorders and psychiatric conditions"


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