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BioConsult Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Elane Zelcer

Position: Executive Director

Industry: Industry Support Services

Company Profile:

BioConsult provides strategy consulting, and corporate development services for life sciences companies, research organisations and government agencies.

Its Principal, Dr Elane Zelcer, is an experienced business leader with a successful track record guiding and growing start-up and early stage biotech companies in Australia. She has deep experience and a successful track record working at the commercial-academic interface, and has a strong interest in medtech and wearable devices.

Elane is a Case Manager with the Federal Government's Commercialisation Australia program which assists companies and researchers with access to funding and skills.


Setting & guiding strategy for development, collaboration and commercialisation
Board & Interim Executive
Academic/business collaboration
Global partnering

Elane works with and assists small and multinational companies, and has relationships with investors, biotech and medtech companies, and research organisations in Australia, US and Israel.


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