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MuPharma Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Mark Unger

Position: Managing Director

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

• MuPharma: MuPharma Pty Ltd has developed a novel, ultrasound based, needle-free device that is capable of delivering an adjuvant free, HIV viral-vector vaccine to the body and inducing mucosal and systemic cellular immunity. This has been proven by Australian National University.

• Device capabilities: MuPharma’s device:

o could non-invasively deliver other kinds of drugs to the body including monoclonal antibodies, chemically synthesised medications, peptides, DNA, RNA, etc…; and

o creates new opportunities for drugs that have failed in clinical trials or on market due their gastro-intestinal side effects or degradation through being taken orally.

• What is mucosal immunity: Induction of mucosal immunity offers a new treatment option for a range of communicable diseases including influenza, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. It also shows promise as a new treatment option for autoimmune diseases, allergies neuro-degenerative and cancers.

• Interest: MuPharma is seeking collaborative research partnerships in a range of areas.

• IP: MuPharma owns all intellectual property (including a patent portfolio) relating to its technology. The main competitor for its technology is the needle and syringe.


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