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MuPharma Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Mark Unger

Position: Managing Director

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

MuPharma is a business based in Victoria, Australia that has developed various novel, ultrasound based, non-invasive devices to deliver drugs and vaccines to the body that would ordinarily require injections or other highly invasive delivery means. Principal sites of application include the eye (anterior and posterior segment) and the inside of the mouth.

Ocular opportunities include:
• Non-invasive delivery of biologics (including monoclonal antibody drugs) to the retina (via the uveal tract) particularly for the treatment of (dry and wet) AMD, DME and genetically inherited diseases;
• Non-invasive delivery of Riboflavin to the cornea; and
• Non-invasive delivery of any chemically synthesised drug to anterior / posterior segments.

Immunology opportunities include:
• Creation of strong mucosal and systemic immunity:
- against a host of diseases including HIV, influenza, Tuberculosis, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Chlamydia and gonorrhoea;
- for allergy vaccines and cancer vaccines for cancers that originate at epithelial tissue; and
- for orphan diseases.
• Non-invasive delivery of vaccines without any adjuvant;
• Non-invasive buccal mucosa (or other mucosal surfaces) delivery for both single vaccination and prime–boost strategies;
• Creation of value for ingestible drugs that have failed in clinical trials or on-market, due their gastro-intestinal side effects or because of metabolic degradation; and
• Non-invasive delivery of any drug to the body.


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