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Member Contact: Russell Tait

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

The company began operation in February 2010 and since its formation has secured in excess of AU$10m of investments. In January 2011, a Series A investment was made by the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF). In January 2013, a AU$9.2m Series B investment was made by a syndicate of investors including Medical Research and Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) and Brandon Biosciences Fund 1 (BBF1) – both managed by Brandon Capital Partners, and Yuuwa – managed by Yuuwa Capital.

PolyActiva's platform technology is used to make plastic components for medical devices from drugs. The manufacture process is novel and provides greater flexibility over the composition of the final material, and better product outcomes compared with competitor technologies. The manufacture process is also scalable and can easily be adapted to existing device component production processes. PolyActiva has built drug-polymer conjugates from a number of drug candidates with different chemical structures and linkage points, demonstrating the plasticity of the technology.

We have also developed a number of functional co-monomers and polymer segments, which modularises the production of the final conjugate. Analogous to a set of Lego®, we now have the various building blocks from which we can select to build the preferred polymer conjugate. Proof of concept studies are now complete and work towards developing first product outcomes initiated.

The company is headquartered at Collins Street, Melbourne, with research facilities at Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 381 Royal Parade, Parkville.

The company has secured a world class team of 6 staff that provide the core chemistry capabilities. We also have established relationships with key research service providers including MIPS, University of Melbourne and CERA who provide capabilities in pharmaceutical chemistry, polymer chemistry, microbiology and ophthalmic animal models.


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