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Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (ARCLB)


Member Contact: Prof. David Irving

Position: Director, Research and Development

Industry: R&D Services

Company Profile:

Our vision
To improve the lives of patients through the power of humanity.

Our mission
To perform a critical role in health care by providing a safe, secure and cost effective supply of quality blood products, essential services and leading edge research to meet the needs of patients.

Our values
Integrity. Safety and Quality. Service. Collaboration. Accountability. Excellence.

Our direction
A cohesive national organisation delivering a vital national service.
Collaborative in working with our blood donors, our partners, health professionals and governments for the benefit of patients.
Committed to providing quality blood products.
Cognisant of the need to manage resources efficiently.
Recognising the professional and creative skills of our people.
Open and engaging in our communications.
At the forefront of innovation and technological and regulatory change.
Acknowledging the need to continue to improve our performance and strive for excellence.


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