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MedCorp Technologies


Member Contact: Jacqueline Savage

Position: Director & Founder

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

Jacqueline Savage is the Founder of MedCorp Technologies, a medical device company developing wearable technologies for the healthcare industry. As a young Australian Product Design Engineer she is passionate and dedicated to improving healthcare through innovation. Jacqueline believes strongly in importance of the design process in the development of medical devices, that a product is not just finding a solution to a problem, but also improving the end user’s xperience. After obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering (Product Design), specializing in Biomedical applications, Jacqueline has used her diverse range of skills to develop products from concept through to manufacture and global distribution. Voted Top 100 Global Engineering Innovations of 2014 (NASA Tech Briefs) and a finalists in last year’s 2015 Med Tech’s Got Talent competition, MedCorp Technologies has received numerous industry acknowledgements and awards for the innovative approach to enabling remote healthcare.


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