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Griffith Hack


Member Contact: Amanda Stark

Position: Principal

Industry: Industry Support Services

Company Profile:

With a distinguished history of over one hundred years, Griffith Hack works to create, build, protect and grow your business through IP. Griffith Hack offers a unique, multidisciplinary team, bringing together technical, legal and financial perspectives on organisations’ IP assets.

Griffith Hack’s Life Sciences & Chemical Group is a multi-disciplinary specialist practice group with expertise in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, biochemistry, cosmetics and food technology. Griffith Hack has one of the longest histories of specialist practice in these areas of any patent attorney firm in Australia, and has one of the country’s largest patent attorney groups practising in these fields.

Group members have the technical and legal skills to be able to advise on the protection, management and exploitation of IP in these fields. The group stays up to date with the latest technology developments and many members have significant research or industry experience.

Griffith Hack’s understanding of what a client requires and expects, is central to formulating suitable patent strategies and commercial advice. Our professionals not only provide expert advice regarding specific inventions, but also on the broad benefits of patent protection.


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