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Member Contact: Alexander Barty

Position: General Manager

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

Fluorescentia is on a mission to improve outcomes for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Backed by leading Australian investor and venture studio Innovyz, Fluorescentia is developing an evidence-based and scalable fluorescent sensor technology for therapeutic drug monitoring and precision dosing for frontline platinum-based drugs.

This breakthrough technology was conceived by multi-award-winning chemists at the University of Sydney to support clinical decisions to optimise dosing safely for effective treatment and mitigating risks of severe side effects with an ability to measure and discriminate different platinum drug complexes in the blood, including active and inactive states of common platinum-based drugs.

It is first-of-its-kind in combining unparalleled sensitivity and scalability through use of standard benchtop spectrofluorometer equipment. The array also unlocks new insights into platin drug complex pharmacokinetics and opportunity to develop Bayesian precision dosing models to augment problematic BSA-based formulae.


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