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Asteri Pharma


Member Contact: Benet Irish

Position: CEO

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

At Asteri Pharma, we are passionate about access for all, truth and reaching for the stars. Recognising a clear opportunity for our partners, we are reimagining and redefining the commercialisation of medicines to improve patient access across Australia, specifically addressing diseases with high unmet need, to close the inequity gap.

Every day, thousands of Australians are diagnosed with life-changing medical conditions. Yet many lack access to the best and latest medicines simply because of where they live and what they can afford.​

But change is no longer beyond our grasp. ​

Asteri Pharma is developing new models and methods to commercialise medicines across Australia to improve patient access; specifically, addressing diseases with high unmet need to close the inequity gap. ​

To learn more about how Asteri Pharma is identifying new opportunities, dedicating ourselves to true partnership and delivering innovative licensing and distribution solutions,


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