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Central Pharmacy Logistics (CPL) Australia


Member Contact: Rima Darwiche

Position: CEO

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Central Pharmacy Logistics (CPL) Australia offers full end-to-end supply chain solutions for conducting clinical trials in Australia. CPL's facilities are licenced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for manufacture, warehousing, labelling, packaging and distribution of investigational products and ancillary supplies for clinical trials both locally and globally.

CPL is the first of its kind facility in Australia supporting decentralized clinical trials, along with traditional and hybrid models, utilising the only GMP depot with an in-house pharmacy, offering central pharmacy dispensing services. This places Australia on a globally competitive platform encouraging companies to invest and conduct their ground-breaking research in Australia. The objective is to improve the recruitment and retention of study volunteers – by providing a better quality of life and experience in their study – and enable sponsors' products to reach the market faster and with significantly lower operational costs.

CPL are licenced by the Victorian Pharmacy Authority to dispense investigational product directly to a study participant's home safely, privately, and securely, through Direct-to-Patient (DTP) services. Once viewed as unrealistic, due to quality and cost concerns, at-home clinical and commercial treatments applying a DTP approach are now viewed as viable and valuable. As the decentralised model of clinical trials are becoming a main stay around the world, CPL is set up and ready to provide solutions to global and local sponsors.


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