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Member Contact: Vanessa Meikle

Position: CEO

Industry: Industry Support Services

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Leadership and executive search consultants for life sciences and healthcare
Bridging the gap between capability and performance

People are the most valuable asset any organisation has. That’s why, as an executive search and organisational leadership consulting firm dedicated to the success of the global life science and healthcare senior and executive workforce, our focus is clear: people.

Whether that’s helping an emerging leader grow their capability to unlock their true value and accelerate their career or sourcing the highest quality leader to help an organisation scale and grow, we deliver results through our commitment to helping leaders make an impact. Because when you support people to become great leaders, and connect the right leaders with the right roles, the best outcome will be delivered.

Our Story

Our story begins with your story, because we exist to make a difference in people’s lives. Our vision is to elevate the quality of leaders within the healthcare and life sciences industries to accelerate executive careers and organisational performance. But to achieve that, we realised we had to do things a little differently to other leadership and executive search consultants. We had to do more and deliver more.

So, we don’t just think from job to job or candidate to candidate – we’re big picture thinkers, just like the people we work with. That means we focus on the candidate and talent pool – not just of today but of the future. We strategically think and plan ahead. We watch the industry and how it progresses. And we analyse the political, economic and social impacts that can change how the industry works and responds.

How? We meet the right people, ask the right questions, network extensively through conferences and events, and stay informed through white papers and industry publications. We’re not on the outside looking in – we’re part of the industry ecosystem.

We do all this, so you don’t have to. And we do this so we can offer organisations and candidates services focused around improving the access to high-quality leadership talent. Because the best leaders lead to the best results.


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