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Ginkgo Bioworks


Member Contact: Dr Natalie Curach

Position: Senior Director Business Development

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Ginkgo Bioworks is a Boston based Synthetic Biology Company. Ginkgo has 30,000 sqm of laboratory devoted to a highly automated cell engineering platform integrated with a library of 4 billion unique DNA parts towards computational design, modelling and systems biology approaches for the engineering of bespoke cell function or titres of biomolecules . The computational integration with a highly roboticised platform enables Ginkgo to perform best in complex, combinatorial design spaces to find best performing cells. Ginkgo has 7 Foundries which work on numerous cell types from microbial to mammalian models. Ginkgo partners with companies to fast track the engineering of biology towards commercial outcomes. Partners include multinationals and startups from sectors of Biomed and Pharma, Food and Ag, Energy and Sustainability, Natural Products and Materials. During the pandemic, Ginkgo was conducting activities towards vaccine development, covid testing and variant monitoring in the US. It was attracted to Victoria through the state governments mRNAVic initiative to contribute to the RNA ecosystem under development and is conducting business development activities across the entire portfolio of offerings from Ginkgo.


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