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Member Contact: Andreas Fouras

Position: CEO, CTO

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

4DMedical (formerly 4Dx) is a medtech company based in Melbourne, Australia, established to commercialize four-dimensional lung imaging platform, XV Technology.™

Conceived by 4DMedical founder Andreas Fouras and developed by his research group, the Laboratory for Dynamic Imaging at Monash University, and the 4DMedical team, 4DMedical has successfully proven and patented its technology with 10 years of studies and trials completed by some of the most talented minds within the field of medical technology.

Having raised millions of dollars in research funding from agencies including Australia’s National Health & Medical Research Council and the American Asthma Foundation, the team has positioned itself as an unrivaled leader in the race to deliver world changing medical technology breakthroughs.


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