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GoViable Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Robert Sayegh

Position: Director | Advisor

Industry: Medtech & Digital

Company Profile:

GoViable is the North Star for product strategy, pivoting to the right possibilities with clarity and confidence. We align stakeholders to more impactful go-to-market plans, by calibrating a holistic product strategy which generates revenue earlier, to be more attractive to the market and investors. We follow an evidence-based performance process, covering the full product life cycle. We believe in helping people learn from success and the power of reaching the ‘aha!’ moment, so our clients get it right the first time.

With the ability to finesse and fine-tune all stages of development and production, our insight is best for product, process and people. We combine our functional expertise in product strategy, MedTech, IoT, Data and AI and manufacturing with a collection of tools and strategies to address key organisational issues essential to ensuring you achieve and sustain results.

As a product strategy expert, Managing Director Robert Sayegh has beendeveloping technology and go-to-market products as an engineer, manager and consultant for 30 years in market-leading companies including Intel, IBM, Philips, Medtronic, start-ups, and SMEs with teams in over ten countries. Robert’s experience covers product, business and marketing, SW, HW, on-time product delivery, and risk management. His connections and insider knowledge in engineering, research, labs, trials and sales fuel his complete product life cycle advisory.


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