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MycRx Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Dr Alison Thistlethwaite

Position: Operations Manager

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

MycRx is a VC-backed drug discovery company located in Melbourne and North America, with a network of collaborators and contract labs worldwide. Our core focus is a drug discovery program directed to Myc, one of the most important drug targets in oncology. MycRx has built a compelling body of data demonstrating that its small molecules directly engage Myc, leading to on-target anti-cancer effects. MycRx is actively advancing its preclinical discovery program with a view to identifying potential drug development candidates that have the potential to progress towards clinical studies. Our aspiration is to become ‘the Myc company’, developing a stable of Myc-targeting compounds, tuned to the specific biological roles of Myc and subsequent clinical translation.


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