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Watermark Intellectual Property Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Amanda Jones

Position: Principal

Industry: Industry Support Services

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At Watermark, we understand that the usual challenges of establishing and managing an intellectual property position can be compounded in the biotech sector by issues of ownership, contractual obligation and constant funding challenges. In an industry where many start-ups will evolve towards selling or licensing their technology, it is even more important than usual to manage your IP portfolio so as to make the most of your assets.

With a keen eye to business but deeply steeped in science, Watermark can strategically assist you in many areas of biotechnology: haematology, inflammation and immunology, oncology, stem cells, bacteriology and infectious diseases, virology, molecular and cellular biology, genetics, recombinant proteins, neurobiology, electrophysiology, medical devices (electronic, electrical and chemical), humanised and monoclonal antibodies, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, vaccines, biochemical and biophysical assays, enzyme kinetics, structural modelling, cell markers and flow cytometry, protein structure, expression and function, and protein-protein interactions, biopolymers, biomedical imaging, plant and agri-biotech.


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