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Firebrick Pharma


Member Contact: Dr Stephen Goodall

Position: Director & Chief Operating Officer

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Firebrick Pharma is a Melbourne based private company founded in 2012 by Peter Molloy and Stephen Goodall to develop a broad-spectrum anti-viral nasal spray as a treatment for preventative respiratory viral infections such as the common cold. This first product has been through three clinical studies and is the subject of a TGA registration submission. The product has also been shown to have high potency against Covid-19 and clinical studies have been initiated in this disease. Firebrick Pharma has follow on products in development and aims to build a successful Australian pharmaceutical business with significant exports. Firebrick is maturing from its R&D into a commercially focused business and in doing so is looking to become more engaged with the MTP sector.


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