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Member Contact: Daniel Beck

Position: Associate (Melb office)

Industry: Industry Support Services

Company Profile:

Wrays is one of the largest independent IP specialist firms in Australia – bringing together the right combination of experts to protect, grow and defend intellectual property assets locally and globally.
Drawing on our long and deep tradition, we continue to adapt and grow our expertise and approach to deliver solutions that meet the ever growing needs of our clients. Today, we are a patent and trademark attorney service, a law firm and a corporate advisory service – culminating in a holistic, end-to-end IP solution delivered to our clients locally and globally.
Collaborating with our clients to maximise their IP across the IP lifecycle is what we do best.
Our Life Sciences team is an experienced multidisciplinary team, comprising a dynamic team of specialist scientists. The scope of our team’s technological expertise extends from small molecule chemicals to large protein biologics, including various formulation technologies. In addition to their technical expertise, several of our team members also have a litigation background. The dual nature of the team’s expertise means that we routinely assist our clients in both prosecuting patents for pharmaceutical related inventions, as well as litigation involving pharmaceutically related patent disputes.
Our Australian clients include a number of academic institutions, governmental departments, and research institutions. We also act for a number of global pharmaceutical companies, a suite of well-known private and public biotechnological and medical companies, as well as smaller start-up companies who are actively growing their intellectual property portfolio.


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