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Quorum Solutions Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Carolyn Stone

Position: Director

Industry: Industry Support Services

Company Profile:

Quorum Solutions is a consulting group of global drug development specialists with expertise to deliver informed, cleverly designed and expertly managed strategic plans.

Quorum Solutions is able to bring all required providers under one umbrella and actively manage them by acting as our Clients’ advocate, with our Clients’ goals at the front and centre of any R&D / product development plan or the support activities that underpin the success of a product’s development.

With a focus on our Clients’ vision for the development of their products, the team at Quorum Solutions is able to deliver the strategy and solutions needed to achieve our Clients’ goals by:

• Informing our Clients of strategic and quality approaches to expedite drug development.
• Designing the appropriate drug Development Plan that aligns with, and supports, our Clients’ corporate objectives.
• Managing the successful delivery of the individual components of our Clients’ drug Development Plan.

To optimise delivery of our Client's drug development and commercialisation plan, we utilise strategic alliances with respected and industry- leading individuals, groups and contract research companies.


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