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Exopharm Ltd


Member Contact: Dr Ian Dixon

Position: Director

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Exopharm (ASX:EX1) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company using exosomes to deliver a new class of transformative medicines and generate revenue from multiple partnership deals.

Exosomes are nano-sized particles produced by most animal cells to exchange materials and genetic instructions and co-ordinate cellular activities in our bodies. Although to date no medicine based on exosome delivery has been approved for sale globally, exosomes are seen as a highly differentiated platform with the potential to enhance tissue delivery for a variety of payloads like mRNA and proteins – part of the global market for drug delivery systems which is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% and valued at around US$170 billion in 2021.

Exopharm is one of only two exosome companies listed on public markets worldwide and one of a handful of companies creating exosome medicines through partnership deals, clinical trials and eventually commercialisation.

For some medicines, exosomes are an alternative and superior means for delivery inside the body – alongside technologies such as lipid nanoparticles (LNP), cell penetrating peptides, viral vectors and liposomes.

While exosomes are produced readily by cultured cells, the development of exosomes as medicines has been hampered by the challenge of purifying exosomes. Exopharm owns a purification technology called Ligand-based Exosome Affinity Purification (LEAP). LEAP technology and associated manufacturing know-how place Exopharm as a global leader for exosome technologies in this emerging field.

Exopharm is investing in two interrelated technologies to support partnering transactions with exosomes:

1. Exosome Technologies: Leveraging our LEAP technology, Exoria and other intellectual property.
Licensing the LEAP technology and Exoria exosome labelling technology, alongside Exopharm’s expert bioprocessing know-how to:
- Empower contract manufacturing organisations to serve exosome companies.
- Integrate LEAP into the GMP processes of biotechnology companies, including blood plasma fractionators, blood services, and emerging exosome companies.

2. Exosome Medicines: Leveraging our LOAD and EVPS technologies.
Using exosomes to deliver transformative medicines.
- Enabling Biopharma companies to deliver new and existing drug candidates in novel ways.
- Designing and evaluating entirely new exosome medicines.

Exopharm listed publicly on the ASX in December 2018 and now has a team of over 40 people based in Melbourne Australia and 1 based in Europe.


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