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Exopharm Ltd


Member Contact: Dr Ian Dixon

Position: Director

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Exopharm (ASX:EX1) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company using exosomes to deliver a new class of transformative medicines.

Exosomes are natural, nano-sized particles produced by cells that transmit materials and genetic instructions to co-ordinate cellular activities in our bodies. Their potential to treat currently untreatable diseases make them an extremely compelling development opportunity.

While exosomes are produced readily by cultured cells, the development of exosomes as medicines has been hampered by the challenge of their purification. Exopharm owns a patented purification technology called LEAP, which in addition to associated manufacturing know-how, places Exopharm as a global leader for exosome technologies in this emerging field.

Exopharm also has two exclusive proprietary technologies that allow advanced customisation of exosomes – the LOAD technology improves loading of nucleic medicines into exosomes and the EVPS technology allows exosomes to be directed towards selected cell types.

Exopharm uses variations and combinations of LOAD and EVPS to enable its partners to improve delivery of their drug candidates and help them design and test new exosome medicines aimed at treating a wide scope of medical problems including neurological and infectious disease, cancer, and fibrosis.

The Company has a number of exosome medicines under development, including Fortrexo for combating viral infections and Cognevo for the delivery of drugs to the central nervous system. Exopharm was the first company to dose a patient in a human clinical trial with an exosome medicine in 2020 and successfully completed a Phase 1 human safety study in 2021.

Exopharm listed publicly on the ASX in December 2018 and now has a team of 38 people based in Melbourne Australia and 1 based in Europe.


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