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Exopharm Ltd


Member Contact: Dr Ian Dixon

Position: Director

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Exopharm Limited (ASX:EX1) [] is an Australian clinical stage company with a mission is to be a leader in the field of human therapeutics using exosomes as regenerative medicine products.

Exopharm has one key platform technology and three experimental products :-

• LEAP Technology – a proprietary patent-applied-for affinity ligand technology for purification of exosomes/EVs from a variety of sources as a biologic product
• Plexaris – exosomes from platelets
• Cytaris – exosomes from adult stem cells
• Polaris – exosomes from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)

As key messengers within the human body, exosomes are able to exert powerful effects on the actions and behaviours of cells that they associate with. Recent research shows that exosomes are potent, broad acting, have effects that are both long-term and short-term and play key roles in many important mechanisms involved in ageing, diseases and degeneration/regeneration.

Despite the logic and promise of administering exosomes as a cell-free treatment, the therapeutic exosome market is currently held back by one key technological challenge: an efficient proprietary exosome extraction and purification process technology that would enable the manufacture of a proprietary exosome product at clinical and then pharmaceutical grade and scale.

Exopharm's LEAP Technology provides a key step in the downstream manufacturing process to isolate and purify exosomes from adult stem cells and other sources. The LEAP Manufacturing Process has been developed to address the existing limitations in exosome purification processes and gives Exopharm the opportunity to unlock the potential of exosomes as a new generation therapeutic product for regenerative medicine.

Exopharm is also developing ‘engineered exosomes’ as a delivery platform suited to a variety of applications – including the targeted delivery of nucleic acids and small molecules.

Exopharm listed in December ’18 and now has a team of 20 people based in Melbourne Australia.


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