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Global Health Alliance Melbourne


Member Contact: Dr Selina N Lo

Position: Executive Director

Industry: Government & Not-For-Profit

Company Profile:

Formed in 2016, Global Health Alliance Melbourne (GLHAM) cultivates a comprehensive perspective of the regional global health ecosystem and identifies non-traditional partnerships that individual organisations and institutions often can’t do.These strategic connections impact over the long term to:

• improve outcomes for member organisations including programmatic partnerships and new funding or business opportunities
• build the capacity of the sector
• profile Melbourne as a global leader in health and development innovation

Our approach to building more effective organisations and the capacity of the sector is aligned to a longer term vision for more equitable and improved global health outcomes – mirroring the goals of similar organisations such as the Washington Global Health Alliance while at the same time forging our own alliances to combat other areas in global health.

The goals of this Alliance are threefold:

• To Mobilise by bringing together individual organisations across the academic, public and private sectors increasing the effectiveness, visibility and impact of the global health sector in Melbourne
• To Cultivate innovative partnerships amongst traditional and unexpected organisations and people to expand the sector leading to greater impact
• To strengthen the Capability of the sector through collaborative projects and initiatives

The longer term outcomes of the Alliance are:

• To establish Melbourne as the global health and development hub in the Asia-Pacific
• To enhance the capability and capacity of Melbourne-based global health and development organisations through creative convergence and collaboration
• To establish the Alliance as a credible and respected voice


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