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Anaxis Pharma


Member Contact: Prof. Andrew Wilks

Position: CEO

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Anaxis Pharma, a joint venture between SYNthesis Research and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, is developing new medicines targeting necroptosis, an inflammatory form of programmed cell death.
When dysregulated, necroptosis is implicated in chronic inflammatory diseases including cardiovascular disease and liver fibrosis. According to the World Health Organisation, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in industrialised countries, and liver fibrosis (a long-term result of non-alcoholic ‘fatty liver' disease) affects 12 to 17 per cent of people in the same population. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is a world leader in cell death research and has made seminal contributions to our understanding of these processes. By combining this significant scientific capability with the robust Medicinal Chemistry and Drug-Development experience of SYNthesis Research (CEO Prof. Andrew F Wilks FTSE), Anaxis Pharma has been able to attract funding from major pharma for two of its pre-clinical programs. Anaxis Pharma is now uniquely positioned to rapidly advance their partnered programs to the clinic.


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