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Medical Ethics Pty Ltd


Member Contact: Allan Giffard

Position: Co-founder / Managing Director

Industry: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile:

Medical Ethics is a life science commercial and development stage company, focused on pain mitigation in wounds for humans and animals.

Through our proven patent platform technology, we have identified a transformational way of mitigating pain and minimising suffering associated with wounds.

The lead product from our patent technology Tri-Solfen® is a local anaesthetic & antiseptic spray, and stay gel, that adheres to the wound and acts as a barrier to environmental stimuli. Tri-Solfen® rapidly mitigates pain, promotes haemostasis, and improves wound healing. Since registration, Tri-Solfen® has treated over 80 million animals, and in 2016 was awarded the world’s ‘Best New Product Globally for Livestock’, by the prestigious animal pharmaceutical journal AnimalPharm.

In humans, Medical Ethics are investing in the development of our technology for the treatment of chronic wounds such as venous leg ulcers. We have also identified future near-term opportunities for application in the treatment of traumatic wounds caused by surgical procedures and mass trauma situations such as accidents, military conflict and natural disasters.

In animals, our technology provides much needed pain mitigation and wound care, required for surgical procedures in sheep, pigs, cattle, equine and companion animals leading to significant animal welfare improvements. We are the first, and currently the only, company globally to develop, launch and commercialise a topical pain and wound management product for use in livestock undergoing painful surgical procedures, such as dehorning, tail docking, castration and fly-strike prevention.

Medical Ethics have entered into global license agreements for its lead product Tri-Solfen® (for animal applications) with two leading pharmaceutical companies – Dechra Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Animal Health.

Discussions have commenced with several interested parties for the license of our lead human product.

Our mission is to end unnecessary suffering from pain, and to accelerate the healing process in humans and animals.


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